The Story

The story of Alichino focuses on Tsugiri, a sorrowful Kusabi. Although he was born to slay the alichino, he is set back by his miserable past. As a child, he was feared and hated by the townspeople because the alichino were so attracted to him that they seduced and killed many people to lure him out. One horrible day, his mother was murdered and he was beaten almost to death. Fortunately, he was saved, but his memory of his childhood was hidden away.

Now as a young man, Tsugiri must fight the alichino and try to save the fragile hearts of those around him. Eventually it is revealed that Tsugiri is the "Bond"; a mysterious being with an incredibly pure soul, making him practically irresistible to alichino. His guardian, Enju, is kidnapped because of this, forcing Tsugiri and Ryoko to go on a quest to save him. Along the way, some of the mysteries of Ryoko and Myobi's relationship are revealed, as well as Ryoko's connection with Enju's kidnapper, Matsulika.

Unfortunately Alichino has been put on an indefinite hiatus, due to the writer breaking her hand in 2001, leaving people to wonder if the series will be continued, and when. It has since been confirmed in the third Alichino tankoubon that there will be a fourth and that it will probably be the last; however, as of 2005, the author was still writing the Japanese version.

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