...visitor to Cruel Beauty; the TAFL-approved fanlisting for the manga series made by Shurei Kouyu; Alichino. If you are a big fan of Alichino, please consider joining this fanlisting and spread the love! ^_^

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This fanlisting was last updated on 18th May 2024, having a total of 386 approved fans (+0) from 35 countries. Let us all welcome our newest fan(s) — Erin!
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Latest News

[ 11.05.2018 ]
Alas, my wish to re-open this fanlisting has been granted by TAFL. I closed down Alichino's fanlisting way back in October 13, 2015 due to collective clean-up, and since the fanlisting is not gaining any attention, I've decided to close it and lay-low for a bit.

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