Name: Tsugiri
His name literally means 'binding companion.' Tsugiri is a boy who has a strong dislike for Alichinos, and possesses the power to kill them. His mother was killed—along with their entire town—by Alichino. He alone was saved—by Hyura, and then put into Ryoko & Myobi's care.

Name: Myobi
Her name literally means 'beautiful darkness.' She is an Alichino, and has white hair & red eyes. She is a protector of the Kusabi, and loves Ryoko very much. She and Ryoko saved Tsugiri when he was a child.

Name: Ryoko
A powerful man whom Myobi calls her 'master.' Ten years ago, he rescued young Tsugiri from the present time in the story from a near-death incident.

Name: Yui
Yui is a male Alchino and the ruler of an entire city that is in his thrall. He is a different sort of Alichino in that he lets his human targets live on and worship him, instead of eating their souls.

Name: Enju
A kind and priestly man who raised Tsugiri after the attack. He also allows Myobi to live with him. He is wise and selfless, knowing the secrets behind the kusabi and the alichino; and still allowing both to reside in his house.