Previous Updates

[ 08.08.2011 ]
Checking in! No new fans have joined recently.

[ 05.15.2011 ]
I've changed the link of the members page from /?members to index.php?page=fans. We now have 3 members~ you can spread the word so Alichino's fanlisting could grow more. :P

[ 03.29.2011 ]
OPENED! Finalizing the entire content and designs~ moving the fanlisting statistics at the right side.

[ 03.26.2011 ]
I just received the approval email early this morning and I was glad to work on the fanlisting's layout after reading the mail. It took me nearly 3 hours for this layout and I really love the output. The links on the right side are still empty, I'm still finishing the entire fanlisting so please bear with me.