Quiz #02

Okita, the partner of Saitou, died by:
Kenshin’s hands.
Falling off the roof during the last mission.

Soujirou starts showing his emotions when he is:
2 Steps short of the Shukuchi.
Carrying out the Shukuchi.
1 Step short of the Shukuchi.
3 step short of the Shukuchi.

Kenshin’s Ouji is hard to read because it:
it targets all critical 9 points of the body.
Has a ‘will to live’ behind it.
Begins with his left foot.
It creates a centrifugal force.

In the manga, which of the following does not happen while Kenshin and Saitou are fighting:
Kenshin’s hair breaks free of it’s band when he gets hit.
Kaoru starts crying and keeps yelling for them to stop.
Saitou’s sword breaks and he uses his belt.
Tsubame gets hit by Okubo’s carriage.

In Jinchuu, Kenshin finally comes out of his senses because:
Tomoe’s father has a talk with him.
He realizes Kaoru is not dead.
Tsubame begs him to help Yahiko.
Sano kicks his ass.

The ‘Kaoru Doll’ was made of:
Wax, String, a stuffed Net
not made of anything, but actually an illusion.
Clay and Flesh while filled with sand and ropes.
Human Flesh and filled with ropes.

In the anime, Sanosuke has __ days to learn the Futae No Kawame.

Enishi lives on an island because it is secluded and:
He can prepare traps around it.
The police can’t find him there.
He can do business from there.
It will give Kenshin enough time to suffer finding it.

In a poll done around Chapter 238 in the manga, users voted the hardest villain was:
Saitou Hajime.
Seta Soujirou.
Shishio Makoto.
Yukishiro Enishi.

Shishio and Kenshin BEGIN their last battle at:
Exactly 5pm.
Exactly at 3:30pm
Exactly at 12 noon.
Exactly at 4pm.

Extra Credit: Tsubame was based off of:
Sasami from “Tenchi Muyo!”
A planet.
Ritsu from “JoJo’s Bizarre adventure”
A character in “Sailor Moon”.