Anime VS Manga VS Movie

Ever wonder why people say that the “manga” is better than the “anime” or vice-versa, when they are practically the “same”? Well, don’t think about it anymore! This section outlines some important differences between the Rurouni Kenshin anime and manga, including the live action movies. So sit back, relax and decide for yourself which version is better ^_^. The Jinchuu arc was never animated, so no comparisons extend beyond volume 18 with the manga, only with the live action.

Manga Volumes

  • Volumes 1-5
    – The beginning of the Tokyo Arc, and one volume away from the end of this arc.
  • Volumes 6-10
    – Nearing the beginning and continuing Kyoto Arc.
  • Volumes 11-18
    – Climax of the Kyoto Arc. Finale Before Jinchuu