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These are original articles written by Shaza. Please feel free to comment on them, as many do :D, if you want to submit an article, feel free to contact us.

  • The Saddest Story – This article debates the saddest Rurouni Kenshin story—Seta Soujirou. It’s a very controversial topic, and it’s awesome to get comments. 😀 So try your hand at it!
  • Why I love Rurouni Kenshin – This piece deals with my love for Rurouni Kenshin and why I think, out of the millions of anime/manga there are out there, that it is the best and my absolute favorite.
  • The OVA I choose to Forget – This controversial topic deals with the Seisouhen OVA (Reflections) and why I choose to throw it away. I don’t regard it as anything really, although it’s an official OVA, it has too many contradictions and points that just don’t match at all with the manga.

The following articles below were submitted by RuroKen fans.

  • Shinsengumi: Heroes or Thugs? – While reading Shinsengumi: Shogun’s Last Samurai Corps, I realized that the author made the Shinsengumi seem more like thugs than heroes, like the way they are portrayed in anime and movies. So I asked myself, who were they really. This article breaks down what the Shinsengumi were like in both anime and in the book. My goal is to see what is more realistic.