Quiz #01

In the Manga, Kenshin tells Jin’e he is named Battousai because…
He killed countless people without ever being caught.
Of his mastery of Battoujutsu.
Of his red hair and cross-shaped scar.
Of the fact that he was a shadow assassin in the Bakamatsu.

Kenshin turned his sakabatou blade side up in his fights with which characters?

Jin’e’s school of technique is:
Shin No Ippo
Nikaido Heido

Which of the following is true:
That you won’t find “Rurouni” in a Kanji dictionary.
That Watsuki based his characters on Kentaro Miura’s Japan.
That Kaoru is based on Watsuki’s frustration in Kendo.
Tsubame is based on the Sailor Moon character “Neptune”

Kenshin’s sword breaks in the following fight:
Sanosuke’s second fight

Which of the following is true?
Kenshin sided with the Tokugawa Shogunate for a while.
Sanosuke gives Megumi flowers like everyone else did in the episode special.
Kenshin thought of Tomoe more like a comrade than a love.
Kenshin was seriously depressed before his second fight with Enishi

Worships Buddha.
Wields twin kodachis.
Hates Kenshin because he thinks he abused Misao.
Is secretly in love with Kaoru.

In Kenshin’s first fight with Sanosuke, which attack finally ended Sanosuke?
Ryu Sho Sen
Do Ryu Sen
Ryu Tsui Sen
Ryu Shu Mei

Sanosuke was a member of the:
Sekihou Tai
Sai Su Men
Ishin Shishi

In the filler episodes, Kenshin says what to the german guy when he first meets him:
What are you doing here?
You play good chess.
My name is Himura Kenshin, Hitokiri Battousai, father of a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife, member of the Ishin Shishi and a Rurouni at heart.

Extra Credit Question: Kaoru is:
Knowledgeable of Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu later on.
A ho.
The painting guy’s concubine.
Kenshin’s true love.