Tamaki Suoh

  • Alias: Tono, King, Tama-chan, etc.
  • Class: 2nd year
  • Birthday: April 8th
  • Height: 183cm
  • Blood Type: A
  • Best Course: French, World History, etc.
  • Likes: "commoner" ramen and snacks
  • Dislikes: garland, Chinese cabbage
  • Speciality

    The original founder and pride of our club, Sir Tamaki is responsible for 70%+ of our annual service traffic through his timeless charm and grace. Surely he's worth everyone's Prince Come True - that is, if you're not thrown back by his occasional overdose of flower and poetry.


    Our Golden Host is well-known for his love for bold and seasonal colors. Look at how gorgeous he appears in them! Nevertheless, we would recommend you to take some time dressing him up in more than one style: our King looks wonderful with anything and everything.