Kyouya Ohtori

  • Alias: Kyou-chan, etc.
  • Class: 2nd year
  • Birthday: November 22nd
  • Height: 181cm
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Best Course: German, Physics, etc.
  • Likes: spicy food
  • Dislikes: sweet food
  • Speciality

    If you're interested in purchasing special staff goods (eg. albums, stickers, etc.) for your OKHC collection, be sure to look for Host Kyouya's shopping/auction catalogue now or all will be gone in no time! Meanwhile, we cannot guarantee definite spots in Mr. Kyouya's host schedule: his responsibility as our only club manager seems to burden most of his time during service hours.


    Glasses is an item exclusive to Host Kyouya in our club, which also happens to be his utmost charm point apart from his intelligent outlook. As a result, we would recommend any attire that suits his pair of frames, such as a Knight's costume made in Middle Ages.