Basic Profile

Name: Keigo Atobe (跡部景吾)
Birthdate: October 4th
Blood Type: A
Height: 175cm
Weight: 62kg
Family: granfather, grandmother, father, mother

Dominant hand: Right hand
Playstyle: All-rounder
Special moves: Hametsu e no Rondo; Insight


Keigo is the captain of Hyoutei Gakuen, having defeated all of the members of the team during his first year. Along with Tezuka Kunimitsu of Seigaku, Tachibana Kippei of Fudomine, Sanada Genichirou and Yukimura Seiichi of Rikkaidai, Atobe is a "Zenkoku ku" (全国区), which means a national level player. He defeated Seigaku's captain in his second year, a favor returned when Tezuka then beat Hyoutei's captain at the time.