Hello! Welcome to PRINCE; the TAFL-approved fanlisting dedicated to the filthy rich and egotistical character from the anime/manga series Tennis no Oujisama; Keigo Atobe, the self-proclaimed prince of tennis of Hyoutei Gakuen. If you are a big fan of Keigo Atobe, please consider joining this fanlisting and spread the love! ^_^

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PRINCE was opened on 25th June 2021 and it is being maintained by Aki. There are currently 948 fans listed from 56 countries with 0 waiting to be approved since the last update on 18th May 2024. Let us all welcome LINDSAY???? who recently joined the fanlisting.

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06.26.2021 - This is one of my wishlist fanlistings that I've been hesitating to apply for years. I just recently finally got the courage to move forward and apply for this baby prince, and viola~!

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