Please read the following rules before joining Tattoo Kiss; the fanlisting for the anime/manga series Kaleido Star.

  1. You must be a fan.
  2. A real name is much appreciated, but if you choose to use a screen name, kindly please avoid using offensive names and specialized characters or super C@seS3n$1+!v3.
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  4. Website is optional, but if you have and want it to be listed on the fanlisting:
    • It has to be yours and is currently working. Any sites such, or any other sites like that will not be tolerated. If you submit something like this, I retain the rights to leave your URL field blank.
    • Your site must not contain any offensive contents (i.g. pornography, racist, swearing, etc).
    • Please link back to Hyourinmaru fanlisting ( using a text link or a button link.
    • If you want to use our buttons, please upload it to your own server and access it from there. Please, NO DIRECT-LINKING!
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