Why, hello there Retard! You've finally stumbled upon the frivolous RETARD, the TAFL approved fanlisting and shrine dedicated to the awesome character; Shinji Hirako from the anime and manga series Bleach. Don't forget to lurk within the entire site and please enjoy your stay while appreciating our flippant host! :-)

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There are 132 listed with 0 waiting to be approved since the last update on 26th September 2022. Let us all welcome Ainna who recently joined the fanlisting. Thank you Joanne for bringing this subject up!

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Shrine Updates

23rd November 2017 - Hey guise, it's been a while~! And it's been 8 years since I've started this fansite way back in 2009. To be honest, I really lost track of some updates that I've been doing here (especially the layout revamp). Viola! Here comes the second version, the previous one we had is version 1.1 since it's 90% similar to version 1.0. XD

18th February 2015 - I came to say some saddening news, I've lost Shinji's own domain (https://www.shinji-hirako.tk/) because I've forgot to renew it three days ago. I do apologize for neglection--well, I'm not really neglecting it. It just so happens that I was busy doing some TCG stuff, web development, taking care of my lovely son and whatnot that I've forgotten to renew it. T_T